The 12th Wisdom of Godfrey

I went down stairs to Godfrey’s Luggage today, a deep snow fell silent at the corner of Douglas and Bay.All was dark and shrouded down there I knew I’d have no luggage sales no leather to repair.

Wedged in the door slot with the mail,was a brown paper parcel taped up with care. The weather had left the edges torn and damp,the name of the sender I could see was named Beatrice Wambe.

Dear Worzel, Beatrice wrote I am sorry this has taken me so long- But I have to let you know that he is gone…It was all she needed to say but I knew there was much more .Shaking I hung Up the CLOSED sign, shut and locked the door.

It was last summer Worzel, I set out in my car to bring Godfrey home one last time, to the farm here in a jar.I wedged him next to me between the seats, in a jar that had once held pickled beets.The task fell to me to locate Godfrey’s cranky mother,she lit a cigarette at the news, How silly he was my odd little boy, he may have come from lack but he never lacked for joy.

His sister Alice in silence simply stared out the window.When winter came I rode out on horseback,and scattered him across the first fall of snow.I scattered Godfrey by the creek where we played and rafted so long ago.I scattered him along the road where he looked back that day and waved. This is the book of his poems and wisdoms ,for you to keep and ad to it the stories you have saved.

THE COLLECTED WISDOM OF GODFREY. He wanted so much to give it to you himself,and the wisdom he has written just for you is the 12th.All our lives Id said to Godfrey as he roamed, I said please when you get there let me know.

Now it is early spring and where I scattered Godfrey there they grow…There are BEETS THERE ARE BEETS there are beets in random rows Beets are growing beets of every kind…somehow it is comforting to think that Godfrey would not mind. There are beets.

I read the letter over I sat alone all day in here then I took his old plaid suitcase down from its dusty tier .I brushed the cobwebs off it was time to let him go, the 12th wisdom called me, it was time to let him go…and the 12th Wisdom states, LOCATE AND WALK YOUR ANCESTRAL PATHWAYS-THEY ARE THE ROUTE HOME TO YOURSELF…..BYE WORZEL.


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