Iris his Ma speaks,I married the worlds most silly man,he used to find everything funny.He was always off chasing ancient dreams he never brought home any money.And at full moon Albion,Godfrey’s dad loved to dance to the terrible Uncle Lou Band.

Godfrey was a quiet baby  he learned on his own to rhyme in a whisper, he was tormented often by  his wiley, bellicose older sister.I recall the day I first put beets on his high-chair tray.He grimaced, he gagged, his face turned puce then oh how the ruckus broke loose….What have you done to my precious son  Albion called looking up from his book,reluctantly leaving the setee he wandered in for a look.It appears that he dislikes beets was Albion’s educated guess.And the worlds most silly  man oh how he laughed at the mess..

ALBION’S STORY, Whenever Iris and I rowed I played music loud all day,and invite my darling to dance her anger away.We usually fought over Godfrey or money or Alice and the fact I found everything funny.It was I first told Godfrey stories of far off lands, and promised to take him exploring on Crete if he could learn to cope with the beet.

Beets she served Godfrey to no avail our neighbour’s got them in the  mail The loo backed up the dog got fat there were beet colored hand prints the length of the cat. For sheer creative effort he should have been praised,for such a little chap he could dispose of beets 100 ways.Yes I used to find everything funny… the outfits she knitted him the beets he hurled.But I knew Godfrey was an odd little boy,knew as he grew he would be judged by a cruel world.My only advice would years later be,written down as the  SECOND WISDOM OF GODFREY- DANCE IN THE MOONLIGHT WHENEVER YOU CAN AND GROW UP TO BE A PEACE FULL MAN….collected by BEATRICE.



  1. Thank you again Mercy, hope you continue to enjoy the read. This is one of my favorite Wisdoms. A secret- my Grandpa in WWI, and his buddy Albion made a pact, if they got each other through it they would name their sons for each other, my dad, and his 7 brothers were all called Albion some part of their names. Grandpa was a very wise old chap. Wonder how many Georges are out there.Cheers!

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