When our dear Godfrey was  only four,his mother forgot him in the Ingeldews Store.He wandred the aisles  most of the day  and old Mr  Ingeldew  let him play with a snow globe

.Although it was summer and his birthday soon  the snow globe and a red balloon was all that he wanted.Birthday meant loud groups of Aunties and cousins  noisy games of Red Rover and Duck Duck Goose,Uncle Lou would be drunk and get sand in the mustard.For Godfrey older cousins put beets and bugs in his juice.

Happy Godfrey played with the beautiful snow globe the snow drifted down inside, on a horse drawn sleigh.In the sleigh rode a family  bundled in blankets  singing and laughing on the cold winters day.He loved the great castle where the sleigh was heading.He loved the light high in the turret of stone.Godfrey had seen a castle just like it  in Swansea last time his Ma had let him wander alone.

He sat in the corner and played with the snow globe where Ingeldew stored cabbages and big crates of beer.He was gnawing a dried kipper when his Ma stormed in and with a cuff on the ear,  told him Godfrey for wandering off no birthday for you this year…She grabbed the snow globe tossed it on the high shelf and threw his Kipper there to  with another cuff and  a lecture on behaving himself

.On the silent drive home on the long bumpy road at the end of this August day, Godfrey’s mind and heart stayed,laughing and singing heading  to a castle, in a snow globe on a horse drawn sleigh….Godfrey’s Ma was ever so cranky. She was Scottish and very practical, she did not speak Welsh,and thought I was completley dim because I could not understand a word she said.I believe that Knitting was her only joy in life…and on occaision   Ma was a fine story teller.She read to Godfrey and Alice every night- but sadly could usually be heard telling  her family to SHUT-UP.l

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