Aunt  Sarah wore her kilt a bit high sometimes….Godfrey loved it when Ma would tell them her story.Under blankets by the fire  winter nights in their sitting room.The scent of her coffee and stale perfume meant Ma was in a good mood.In the firelight and her cigarettes glow she would  tell him and  sister Alice stories from long ago.

She told them of her  Auntie Sarah the piper Aunt, also of the  dreaded Uncle Lou.This was really all my daft mother knew…we were told Sarah was tall and a piper bold.She had coal black hair and fierce blue eyes her pipes would keen from dockyard to  valley sides, asking all who passed on the high street in town  drop a coin in my hat please drop a coin down -I’m  raising the wind for my  Laddie

ONE THING I’LL NEVER DO said Godfrey’s Ma is to watch you or Alice  ever march off to war.. for Sarah never again saw her lad and I  remember the eyes of my old dad  marching the same High Street. So with a goodnight cuff to his shaggy head and one last  shu tup Godfrey she sent him to bed. He would lie awake long after Ma slammed the door, he was very young but  Godfrey knew there was no glory in war. Aunt Sarah wore her  kilt a wee bit high she had coal black hair and fierce blue eyes drop a coin in my hat drop a coin for me I’m  raising the wind for my Laddie. Bye Worzel.


2 thoughts on “AUNT SARAHS STORY

  1. My Grandma was a pacifist and taught her boys (my father and uncles) that there was no glory in war. So my father became a ‘conshie’ and had to spend the 1940s receiving white feathers in envelopes with no return address.

  2. I am so proud of your dad. Most of the older women I met at Greenham had been “Land Girls”, in the war, or factory workers, told me stories we never learned in history class, my Ma was a pacifist to.

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