His first baby memory- Godfrey has gotten loose from a family gathering and  is crawling,dragging a soggy nappy behind he  explores the wet garden.He smells the soil ;feels prickly stalks ,he even eats a rather bitter, nasty tasting bug.

Pushing himself to his feet in the rubarb  and clutching a parsnip he has up rooted,he sees out to the rim of the world.Little boats  at sunset are chugging homeward on a pastel sea.Godfrey points and laughs,delighted. Then comes a mighty blow to the back of his head and he is air born, landing  so hard, face in the dirt  he is too shocked to cry out…He never forgets the face of his Uncle Lou sneering down at him.

..He is now an odd looking skinny four year old in gumboots and short pants. He is wearing his beloved horse sweater already a bit tatty at the cuffs. In his arms Godfrey holds a large Siamese cat.Normally bold;the Siamese’s sapphire blue eyes  are wary, her pensive tail hangs to Godfrey’s knees,as he  carries her up the  walk to their new home

.He is now a sturdy,somewhat cheeky 8 year old and is holding the strong warm hand of his Grandmother.He has located her in the smoke and salt of the Pub and is walking her home.He carries her shoes ,discarded in a corner for the purpose of dancing.It is late on an Autumn  night,but he has done this before,he has no fear of things in the fog or the dank lugubrious streets. As they  walk up the hill to Grandma’s terraced house, they sing together raucously,being yelled at to shut up  cannot quiet Godfrey or his beloved Granny.And a big mug of tea and a cream bun wait at home just for Godfrey…all his life these were  just some of the things he carried. BYE BEATRICE.


2 thoughts on “THE THINGS HE CARRIED

  1. ‘Little boats at sunset are chugging homeward on a pastel sea’. This is a line for me to memorise. We live in a strange world when the rules are made by the “sensible” people who have no sense of laughter and joy.

  2. Indeed, if we were led by The Dr Suess of the world, and taught nonsense and joy, as well as math, and could chose to major in laughing…aah I hope it is so in heaven.

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