He was growing into a happy go lucky lad, still little more than a squirt,Godfrey sung to himself  as with a spoon he played  alone in the yard in the dirt. Oh I’m  getting a horse sweater knitted by Ma ! a plaid horse sweater all mine. With a mane for the collar and tail sewn on behind! A horse sweater knitted  with ears on the hood.I do not like beets but I must be good  for Ma is knitting a horse sweater.

His father Albion  sighed and smiled at the tuneless singing of his innocent child he could hear  from the houses back door. Albion once found everything funny but not anymore…When the sweater was ready  he put it right on  and Godfrey happily danced his Grandma across the front lawn.It was colors of plaid with a  purple mane  and he wore it all day and the next day again..

..Twas Fergus  Mc’gillut  hurled the beet  that stung his eye and bruised his cheek he endured the taunts of the school yard crowd when he wore his horse sweater with tail so proud. Wealthy Tenbrooks Smythe the Third,  brought from the roadside a fresh horse turd and he told the teacher one and all it was Godfrey tracked it down the hall.Cruelty has no bounds no shame  he was teased  about beets,  teased  about his missing teeth and his own odd name.Godfrey was teased that of horse he stank he was teased because his Grandma drank , he was teased because he  spoke in rhyme he was ambushed  with beets every day at dinner time

.Older sister Alice begged  him put his beloved horse sweater away,she defended  her small  brother every school day.Though she was always nasty  to  Godfrey at home,she was fiercly protective of him, when pelted with beets,picked on bruised and alone

Godfrey thanked Alice and said-” I refuse to be what the beet beating rabble want me to be,In my horse sweater I will prance, free with Grandma I will dance.” And so our odd little boy did. One warm day Godfrey shed his beloved and much worn horse sweater  on the creek bank and dove in for a swim, our naughty goat,Dubnyk  ate it. After a mad chase through the paddocks he rescued the slimy  remnant now missing both ears home. His Ma eventually re-knit the mess as two pairs of socks, and a pillow- FROM BEATRICE.



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