Godfrey’s life long friend, Beatrice was a vital link in my researching his story- she made me welcome on Sonsie Farm, the Welsh goat and donkey sanctuary where she spent her whole life.Beatrice’s mum was a painter;her dad an unraveling traveling salesman of Bum-trinkets;this story grew from a shared love of art and life on the farm…HORSE SLOBBER GREEN

-Fruit trees grew on Sonsie Farm and in the fall, they picked the ripe pears and apples, Beatrice’s mother worked to can and preserve it all. When the fruit was all picked at Beatrice’s home the animals were let into the orchard to roam and eat up the fallen fruit on the ground,Godfrey brought his pet Grubby pony around.Grubby devoured the fallen pears with Beatrice’s pony the donkeys and goats and the mule,soon Grubby’s grey whiskers and chin were covered in vivid green drool.

Beatrice’s mother laughed out loud looking out at the pastoral scene,Grubby’s created a whole new color I will call it Horse Slobber Green!!!

When Godfrey and Beatrice returned to school they were not in their familiar room at all, they had a scary new teacher and room at the end of the hall.After three years with tippler Mrs Kromplak the two best friends had finally not been held back. Godfrey in terror hid deep in the cloak room, till dragged out by the hem of his kilt by Miss Deetz,he whispered to her,” Hello I am Godfrey,did Mrs Kromplak tell you that I do not like BEETS?”. Sit at your desk and shu-tup she screeched,I don’t want to hear about beets.Thus he was introduced at age 9 to the terrible nasty Miss Deetz

She kept her beady eyes on Godfrey,as she spoke of art projects She told endless stories about her many cats,she told him his poetry was rubbish,   her voice was rancid and mean, and she wore a baggy old cardigan’ Godfrey noticed was….HORSE SLOBBER GREEN…by WORZEL


4 thoughts on “HORSE SLOBBER GREEN

    • Was scarred for life by my third grade teacher, a bitter, cruel woman. But, in retrospect, she prepared me for all future nastiness, real or perceived, and now can laugh about it.

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