One is expected to joyfully roll down. Stride carefully or stroll down.When we are old we probably will- but for now we are jumping up hill.I give up said Godfreys Ma to Beatrices Mum as they sat over tea.In stead of a normal child I had Godfrey.In mystic Wales up a valley remote Sonsie Farm is a refuge for donkey and goat. When Beatrice and Godfrey were very young , jumping up hill was something the two did for fun,steep were the hillsides and over the grass clumps  laughing the freinds did leap. Jumping up hill Ma  would gripe, what silly behavior she would moan.Have you  considred Beatrices future when she is grown?  And at the crest of the hilltop the two having leapt, all the way up over styles and gates ,rested where forever the stone circle waits,time for a back scratch and rest in the shade…farm below peacefull in the valley still.Oh how fine it is said Godfrey..to be  so  silly as to be jumping up hill.



    • Why thank you Mercy, I wondered who was doing all that reading, please excuse my inept punctuation and early efforts at syntax, the story and I have grown with the telling, it really began as a nonsense poem..some are good, others not, I love your interest in how the three lives intersect- they are special people, happy reading.

    • We must never forget the times we could just be silly. I am so thankful that Janet introduced you to The Collected Wisdom, to have at least two people actually read it is a delight.

  1. I’m enjoying every minute of reading the archives. I don’t know blog commenting etiquette and if it’s proper to comment as often as I do. But, when it comes to “Like”, I don’t care about etiquette….if I like it
    then I Like it.

    • Thanks Mercy- Etiquette, ppfaw, I agree, I really enjoy your comments. I write the story for fun, for friends to enjoy. Some are rubbish, that’s fine to, click away and pass the message on, thank you from Godfrey.

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