HORSE SLOBBER GREEN is one of the most endearing and requested Godfrey stories ,this one is a prequel of sorts….Those who knew Beatrice much longer than  I are few as she is quite shy you know, people oft wondered why her left arm is twisted  a bit and scarred near her elbow.

…Fruit trees grew on Sonsie Farm and the north end was left to grow wild.It was Beatrice and Godfrey’s favorite place to play when she was a small scruffy child.She said we called them the ‘Trees of Obovvus’,its where Godfrey came to love apples so,in summer wed’ climb as high as we could  out of sight of the world below.High in the fruit laden trees of Obuvvus  free where we could not be found, we left the  teachers and beets and bullies ,cranky parents and bossy sisters below on the ground

Springtime came the blossoms, and the buds and the leaves, then the small green apples to be.Godfrey ate them sour and hard, Beatrice  waited more patiently. In winter the trees of Obovvus slept, frost rhymed under the Paynes- grey skies.They had given their gift of warm apple sauce and Ma’s yummy baked tarts and pies.

..Beatrice told me of her left arm”.Twas only once the two of us fell,Godfrey and I from the trees of Obovvus,I broke my arm on his chin,and I his, which healed quickly,mine not so well

.Fruit trees grow on  Sonsie Farm on the north end still kept wild,like Beatrice older now ,weathered and strong, still holding the dreams, the laughter and memories ,the joy of the small scruffy child.

Ah the scars of childhood, Godfrey had one on his Buttock which being the  modest chap he was, rarely showed us- he said it was from a dinner of BEETS and RABBIT POT PIE-When Godfrey was young the ever hungry lad would scoff mince and  tatties cooked up by his dad ,but on bad days he’d hear cursing and tufts of soft fur would fly , as his cranky mother chopped and banged pans, preparing them rabbit pot pie.

Oh rabbit pot pie,beets on the side sister Alice teased Godfrey until he cried. At family dinner  once to his horror a pheasant was served with its feet in the air, and Alice once put his hand on the hot oven ,said a real wild bunny is cooking in there

.Rabbit pot pie,beets on the side, deep in the hay piles Godfrey would hide .Godfrey loved apples, every day he ate porridge , he even ate snails Alice served on a stick.He ate dog food once that she told him was Haggis, his favorite pudding was Spotted Dick…oh but rabbit pot pie, beets on the side , Godfrey told me this shyly ages hence- the scar on my behind I’ll have till I die . I suffered it leaping a very sharp fence,  hung by my kilt on the sharp fence did I ,running from  my nasty sister, from beets and rabbit pot pie.



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