TENBROOKS SMYTHE THE THIRD- was a most unpleasent child

Tenbrooks Smythe the third was a most unpleasent child.Likewise was Tenbrooks  the first,he was the image of  the second Tenbrooks widely regarded as the worst.

Beets were his weapon of choice against Godfrey for years but as Tenbrooks slowly matured, Tenbrooks Smyithe discovered the nasty word.Godfrey disliked beets and bruises and picking beet pulp out of his hair,but was taken aback the day Tenbrooks hollared,you are the son of the Mossman of Tuckware!

Godfrey quietly responded, go fondle some groats, you are a tedious little pantoum.You dress like a Bumgarner Tenbrooks called from across the room.Tenbrooks has Pizzle Rot do you? Godfrey wrote boldly on the Loo door.

I do not  you Plaid Clad Magurk Tosspot  Tenbrooks swore.When Tenbrooks called Godfrey  a Fiddle- Ma- Fike, a plank a pratt and a tree-dwelling Naff, Godfrey could not help it he began to laugh.  He laughed until the tears rolled down, he laughed to the sky he rolled about on the wet ground. Tenbrooks soon to gave in to guffaw and was knocked over flat by the shiny new car of Miss Commorford the School Nurse(she spits when she  talks) .

Nurse not wishing to contend with either lads mother  gave them both a stern chat about not degrading each other..

.. Godfrey told me it never really came round, to calling Tenbrooks Smythe the Third friend, but at least with the hurling of words, the school yard beet beatings came to a peaceful end.  By Beatrice

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