This day on the high street when still a young lad,school was done and Godfrey had run,with pocket money jingling down to the bakeshop, he ran down to the bakeshop to buy a cream bun. Olive Mulgrew served him that day and finding  Godfrey amusing  took his warm coins and wrapped the best bun on the tray. To avoid beets and bullies he often would share,lunch and snackerels under the stairs,but this day he hid under the loading ramp ,down by the train station where hobos were known to camp.Crusty and sweet the delectable  bun, had a dusting of sugar and squech of rich cream. His tongue licked a groove  down the raspberry filling .He used the hem of his shirt so as not to  drop dollop or crumb.Sticky handed and face Godfrey sat back delighted  watching as from a goods train a tramp had alighted he was wary and old and had not had a bath ,all he carried was a battered plaid suitcase….he was whistling as he bent down to pry a coin from the tar in the road, with a toothless smile  and a nod of his head he tossed  it to the still staring Godfrey and said , here kid tuck this away in your penny jar,perhaps one day it will take you afar….called the tramp swinging aboard a departing train he was gone. It was enough for another cream bun, and using his charms on Mildred a cookie for Beatrice next day, but Godfrey walked home deep in thought, and hid his coin (a florin) away.Many years later his precious coin was lost to a quicksand stream deep in Peru,Oh life has its treasures its pleasures , adventures, like the feel of cool water on a hot summers day, feel the strengh of the horse , feel the pull of the sail , or the hum of bike tires as you get on your way.  Bye the quicksand stream running Godfrey sat humming this song. And thinking back to that day when he was just young,said soon as I get out of this spot of bother- fancy the first thing Ill do is get me a cream bun.


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