Step lightly on tiptoes,as if waltzing where the beet grows,in a straight line do step dance over the beet rows .Lead with your right armpit wave to the sky ,your partners  left armpit reaching up high .Dance the armpit waltz out back of the hall,the Peruvian Armpit Waltz delightful for all….

Next  both get a glass of cider ,bubbly, refreshing and sweet, down each others glass at the same time ,with a belch  change armpits tap your feet

. Dance to remember summers down on the farm, dance with your nostrils under his arm,dance  with his  nostrils tickling warm. Dance the Armpit Waltz with abandon and joy… dance for the fish lady, dance for the odd little boy.

, Dance the Peruvian Armpit Waltz slip out behind the hall ,all  sweaty and hot. Step lightly on tiptoes as if  waltzing where the beet grows ,dance with the one  you love over the beet rows.

This is one of the many silly dances Godfrey left us. At the awkward age of 15 he developed his first crush on the worldly Clementine ,fish ladies daughter from Peru….who also loved to dance. Beatrice refused to speak of Clementine, so  researching her  role in the saga was a challenge. Any readers out there- try the Peruvian Armpit Waltz and let me know how it go’s…from WORZEL.


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