Godfrey learned  it from observing old  Juniper Attley…Every evening he could be seen,sitting down by the sea  with his two portly pugs,often joined by a lady friend one of several named Lillian, happily they would just sit-watching the fishboats and Tugs.”I like to sit”, he told Godfrey,”simply for the joy of it”….Godfrey was young full of beans and sass,impish with a touch of cheek. But one evening he thought  why not try it?  Where an old arm chair  had washed ashore down the creek, and though a bit muddy wiped with the hem of his kilt and a hanky it made a fine seat. At peace far from  chaos, noise and family morass. The shady creek slurped and chuckled, dragon flies paused to ponder,there were two kinds of ants in the grass. The setting sun,the colors and how the hokey -pokey bits swirled reminded Godfrey of ice cream.With  the promise of coolness and mist oer the water- Godfrey learned to sit quiet, observe drift and dream. …When I learned to just sit, I learned it from Godfrey,who learned from observing old Juniper Attley who had several  lady friends , all name of Lillian, and with his two pugs watch the big tugs head out and come in again..He learned to just sit like old Juniper Attley…


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