I knew at first visit to the Puce colored house where Beatrice had lived all her life, that there were stories in side,indeed it was a home where love held up the walls….From the outside you would perhaps look askance  and pass it by.The puce paint job has long since faded,  several trees in the yard have died. Decendants  of her childhood goats and donkeys still roam…its a place that invites you in, Beatrice’s home. Hung by a nail above the fireplace, you may have to stand on an egg crate to see.Its a photo of a photo of a painting. A painting of a youth astride a chestnut pony, barefoot in jeans and sheepskin vest, long hair bleached amber by sun and sea. Its somewhat abstract, but clear to me that the youth astride the spirited pony is Godfrey.

How very odd I asked Beatrice,that’s not his pony Grubby!,  She said it came by post many years ago,a torn packet sent from Australia, all a note with it said was this-” he could sit a horse, he could dance, he loved without hesitation, Godfrey 1972- Winneleah Station”. The picture was faded, cracked and stained with something brown, I had it partially restored and bought the frame in town.Set before her warm fireplace were four comfy chairs…with both her parents gone chickens no longer roosted on the stairs, and the photo of a photo of a painting, hangs alone above the mantle, above everything, a photo of a photo of a mystery,but something about it invites  you in.

…Beatrice treasured tea time , in the old puce house that  smells of books and wood-fire and bread baking. Smell damp clothes hanging,hint of Rosemary. And on her shelf above sit   Beatrice’s special jars of tea.Stay up on the farm as late   as you please. But prepare to rise at dawn. No matter what the time may be, the days are just days, so lets put the kettle on. Enjoy her blend called Scent of Socks in Spearmint. Try the curious Quenders cure Fennel, perhaps you need seasick, carsick, lavender/ blackberry motivator,  good for when the Monday fog is thick. There’s the earthy Swedish Moss,Green tea and Carrot-tops. Afterbirth tea (eewhI”ll pass) Black Florist Bergamot Sassafrass. Smoky Goosefoot Tea old favorite of Godfrey…In the old puce  house stay up late as you please, but prepare to rise at dawn, no matter what the time of year, the days are just days, so lets have tea go put the kettle on.

. I have a story for another time of why the house is puce, with weathered trim of mauve and “Horse Slobber Green” There is also an old riddle  on the fridge Beatrice’s  Dad used to annoy people with- the hungry farmer  removed the outside, cooked the inside, ate the outside, and threw away the inside. What did the farmer eat?  This riddle confounded Godfrey, who could only envision beets..BYE WORZEL.



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