FISH LADY, OH FISH LADY TRUE- And The Big Greasy Pompadour- by Worzel

Oh my fish lady fair.In the lineup wait do I spell bound. For to see you in your plastic apron.Model of femin-iness and grace.Your’e large presence  fills this fishy space. With skill you kill eel, cockle and prawn.Ancestor to the barrow born but of Peru. Breathless your damp tattoos. .. reach deep into  that itchy place, deep into the filet of a young poets sole..Larve From Godfrey.

. Godfrey’s sister Alice found this poem to the fish ladies’ daughter, Clementine   while hiding beets in his private drawers, and of course came up with a devious plan..There once was a lounge singer(my he could croon). Alice loved to sing along to his records and dream of him’ when alone in her room, she knew every tune. Most of  the songs seemed to be of, a woman young and his passionate love for her, he had an odd name that made Godfrey laugh and wore his hair in a great greasy pompadour.Alice delighted in tormenting Godfrey, as at awkward 14 for Clementine he pined..Alice saw this as the chance to do something unkind.

Oh brother dear  she told him of his Clementine,if you want her to love you ever more,  let me fix  your long nasty hair, into a dignified pompadour. Oh Alice  said Godfrey, do you really think, Clementine would like my pompadour? and would join me  for a Sunday matinee play if I ask her? Of course replied Alice,holding back laughter and tears, go get the Vaseline, and Ma’s good pinking shears. Thick fell his auburn locks to the floor, above his ears Alice shore. Shaggy he was no more, in his Granddad’s ancient itchy wool suit, and great greasy pompadour. ..

. She was Peruvian Clementine the fish ladies daughter,” be kind to Godfrey” the fish lady taught her. She held his wet hand  through the play, as around them as usual everyone laughed at Godfrey, more than the matinee’..every one laughed but her, at his great greasy pompadour.

Beatrice Wambe refused to speak of Clementine,”She was a trollop,Beatrice claimed, she led him astray”..but I was sorry never to have known Clementine,only a fish ladies” girl she may have been, but also a huge part of the legend.

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