THE INDESDRUCTIBLE TROUSERS-The Mulgrew Trousers,bye Beatrice,

Godfrey’smother one early morning, heard a loud pounding on her front door ,grumbling and  fussing with her hair,opened it, Mildred Mulgrew waited there.

Over tea Mildred asked, Iris perhaps you can use, these trousers my  twins have finally outgrew? Unable to wear out or destroy the trousers the brothers Mulgrew, often left them at the bus stop or in charity shop sack, but there Ma always knew and would go bring them back.

When Mildred left…sister Alice came out of hiding. Is she finally gone Alice asked, pausing halfway down the stair.  Ancient blue corderuoy knickerbockers  hung on the line to dry in the cool autumn air. Alice shrilled to her Ma “I will die before I wear those”!  Shut up hollared  Ma, they are for Godfrey to wear, instead of his kilt when it snows.

Ma trimmed the raggedy pant legs, telling Godfrey at 10 these are trousers a pirate would wear, a length of rope held them up below Godfrey’s chin, and she sewed a great patch of plaid blanket across the old pants derriere.

Soon Godfrey in the Mulgrew Trousers made his long walk to school in the cold. A pirate bold,slaying with a stick all beets in his pirate path.. its a very good thing by then he was well used to being laughing stock of our class. The trousers endured as Godfrey did to, and the next few years as he grew.

Nothing would destroy those trousers no matter what he put them  through,he threw them in the creek one day, weighed them down with a stone and waved goodbye, but his Ma saw the  trousers float past the house, fished them out and by the time he crept home they were dry. He threw them under a transport truck, he left them on the tracks for a passing train, he mailed them to Australia far away, but the trousers always came back again.

Happy in his scruffy kilt Godfrey  would run, free in his kilt he loved to dance, yet every winter when the cold winds blew Ma dragged out the dreaded Mulgrew pants. And at 16 when his Ma requested, that he and Alice leave home and go,please far away, Ma folded up the terrible trousers, She kept the indestuctible  Trousers, she actually saved the Mulgrew Trousers…for the  grandchild she hoped for someday.,


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