A LACK OF OVERALL EEL-a love story is spawned- by Worzel

When Godfrey was 15 that awkward year,of growth spurts and the horrors of puberty,he endured his first crush on Clementine, daughter of Maria The Fish Lady.

She worked with her mother, over the summer selling fish down on the strand, and studying Welsh History, far from Peru, her homeland. Her mother told stories of Godfrey, and escapades he had got up to since small- she was a good hearted fish lady,with humor and compassion for all.

Godfrey would wait at the fish case, with flowers he picked by the roadside and pine.Too shy yet to present them to his daring Clementine. Clementine was older, a roly-poly girl, with big hands and long, glossy hair, she outweighed Godfrey by a good 100 pounds, but Godfrey did not care…she was beautiful.

Clementine had big lips and genuine laughter true, singing as she worked on the fish every day, and Nugent Oatley, who sold vegetables fancied her to.

Nugent had a plan, he’d use beets to keep Godfrey away, by creating for Clementine a lovely fresh vege bouquet. He used plenty of fresh beets and a naughty shaped gourd, radishes and a turnip carved into a rose. He left the bouquet on the fish counter when her back was turned, rinsing off cod with a hose.

At that moment Godfrey summoned the courage, to tell Clementine how she made him feel, but got blushy and itchy at the sight of the beets- instead of Oh Clementine let your heart be mine he stammered-

IT MUST BE TUESDAY FOR YOUR SHOWCASE SHOWS, AN OVERALL LACK OF EEL!!!…A lack of overall eel, whatever did Godfrey mean by that, she asked her mother at tea break out back?

Many years later Maria told me this, still in old age going strong selling fish..Clementine thought the vege bouquet was his, and chasing him down to the seaside with beets, gave the lovelorn Godfrey, up against an old scow his first kiss…


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