HE FOUND THEM UNDER THE BED- the fourh Wisdom Of Godfrey, by Beatrice

Over the years many persons, the nosy and curious, and  even the  envious have asked me, did Peruvian Clementine deflower Godfrey?  of matters personal Godfrey was humble and shy…it was I foiled that strumpet Clementine every time.

I can smell beets thought Godfrey when met at her door, by Clementine in her pink negligee’, had shifted the chairs to create a roomy dance floor. Her fishy work clothes  thrown in a corner lay heaped. There was soft music , Earl Grey tea, the glow from the moon and the lights below  in the street.

But Godfrey knew that somewhere nearby were the dreaded beets.  With a hearty embrace she squeezed his face, into that  bone behind her ear. Lets tango  Godfrey you Hombre come here..and dance they did , into the night stopping only for tea with a shot of  honey-mead, she taught him  The Peruvian Armpit Waltz, delighted  he took the lead.

At the height of the waltz, he whispered of Clementine dear, this is lovely  but I fear there  are beets in here. BEETS! BEETS!  she dropped his sweaty young hand, the record screeched to a  halt silencing  her choice of The Uncle Lou Band..

.I spent all day creating romantic atmosphere and all  can say is  there are beets in here. Then he found them- under the bed. Fresh picked they were,hidden with care, there was a faded rose from Nugent Oatley and  dusty men’s underwear. he said darling don’t cry the moon is full in the sky let us go to the beach,  we can dance far from beets on the sands.

And dance they did  until the fire burned down, danced till the warmth of dawn. They disposed of the beets and he walked her to work with her damp fishy uniform on.  they agreed that sabotage by beets is a very low form of crime, and agreed to meet out behind  the racetrack barn next time.

THE FOURTH WISDOM STATES- ALWAYS CHECK YOUR ROOM FOR HIDDEN BEETS, AND NEVER JUDGE  A PERSON BY WHATS UNDER HER BED.Yes,it was I who attempted  the great beet sabotage..in a matter of days Godfrey and his daring Clementine parted, with a promise to meet again far across the world.. and they did.


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