THE COMFORTABLE PEW-and other stories- By Godfrey

The only pew Godfrey ever Knew that did not numb his behind, or recall memories of scary stories of lion’s dens , minister’s breath, beets at lunch and Sunday School Teacher unkind. Was a pew he came upon someone had dragged to the top of a high bluff overlooking the sea. On it were carved the words “COMFORTABLE PEW, RELAX AND STRETCH OUT ON ME

Warm from his steep hike, the vagabond Godfrey regarded the pew with wonder,and the steep cliffs, the green grass of the sea bluff, and the summer sky the pew sat under.

Godfrey sat on the pew enjoying the view , with his kilt for a pillow he lay back and thought…what a wonderful place for a pew. Who dragged it so far to this peaceful spot? Godfrey camped out overnight at the pew sleeping soundly under the stars. Reluctantly moving on the next day, out to the highway of truck noise and cars.

No one could tell him how the pew was left on the sea bluff, no one living nearby could recall, but many regarded the beautiful spot, as the grandist cathedral of all… By Godfrey.

WET AND COLD BEHIND- Twas in the bloom of youthful joy and vigor Godfrey set out on the road alone- Away far away from Wales did Godfrey roam, and when I met up with him and this his story told, he said even on the bad days,in the worst of times I looked for ways to turn them gold. not every place was beautiful, not everyone welcoming and kind, but only thing really I can say that got me down, was having a wet and cold behind.

Ma’s words echo keep your feet warm and dry, wear the socks I knitted she would scold. Now a heavy sideways rain is creeping rudely up my kilt, and my behind is wet and cold.

Oh lovely the Hostel door unlocked and bright! Oh for my narrow bunk, in a room with 30 others for the night. Hear all the travelers gripe about the rain, glorious the shower hot, gurgling down the drain. Wood stove warms the common room, smell the damp socks, the beans on toast, to get warm and dry is what I loved the most.

Mug of tea in hand, dislike of beets last thing on my mind, only beets are worse than having- a cold and wet behind…From Godfrey.

BOLD GRANNY ON THE ROAD- I recall wrote Godfrey, a bold old woman, I met her hitchhiking down Malaccoota way, she was vagabonding round the world to her children and families dismay. So afraid for her they could not hear her freedom song.

But Granny would not be held back, she had around her neck a pendant of Maori Jade, and this old woman inspired us youngsters in every hostel she stayed..From Godfrey.


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