I met up with Godfrey when he sat at his table in the park. Tuesdays if it was not raining at lunch time, I would oft wander over to talk. Yes its true he looked a might odd, he disliked beets and his poetry readings, often received an amusing response, but I was strangely drawn to Godfrey. A  poet like he was,  Ginger Alphonse.

So I invited him home for dinner and a hot bath, he doffed his boots at the door, said your home is lovely Ginger, may I please use the loo?  My house is small, my sitting room taken up by bookshelves, and my canoe. I have no family, plants or pets, I proudly tend my 5 toilets.

The toilet here at the end of the hall, has fixtures a lovely turquoise blue, and the one upstairs a grand view of mountains and sea. The third toilet is in my boudoir  for complete privacy.

Loo number four is out the back door, and down that path in the grass. Toilet five is all pink in the room added on with the Jacuzzi Bath.

Godfrey chose the outside John, I made us tea while he was gone, we shared stories and poetry out on the lawn. He said in his years spent wandering,”words have been my companions in time alone. I do not find it peculiar, the 5 toilets in your little home.

He said its’ been lovely in the park, oh the things we have shared and new friends made, may I share this odd dream I had, asking who owns the shade?

Who owns the shade in dream he was asked? We own the shade whispered the green clump of grass. We to own the  shade said the falling leaves brown, we were the shade before we drifted to the ground. What about us  cried the clouds!, glared the sun,we provide the cooling shade for everyone. Moon and stars when they choose can be shady  too, Barn Swallow  bravely spoke up with a peep, OY, everyone blustered oak tree rooted deep.It is my shade under which the vagabond sleeps. Without me all would be lonely and stark, but together we make quite a beautiful park.

In the cool quiet shade now Godfrey stirs, from his midday nap and writes down these words- mixing plums, cheese, porridge and goats milk Tapa-naude, can make ones midday dreams quite odd.

Godfrey said to me Ginger, I left my home to escape the beet, but I am gathering  wisdom with everyone I meet- This one is for you and sharing your stories of the Loo. AND THE 15TH WISDOM OF GODFREY STATES- FINE CHINA, LONG DROP, BIDET, OR HOLE IN THE GROUND. EVERY TOILET HAS A STORY IN THE GREAT CIRCLE ROUND- from GODFREY.



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