A LEGEND IS BORN- BEETS, BEETS AND SHENANIGANS-by Ginger Alphonse- his 19th wisdom.

Godfrey visited me often, until  he had to leave town, in my house with 5 toilets, he always put the seat down.  I told him at our last meeting, sometimes cruel persons and family have threatened to tell the local news, that a poet has gone daft in her house of many loos. But you dear Godfrey leveled no judgement, accepted  that I, Ginger live as I chose, and brought a parting gift of 72 rolls, toilet paper a gift I will cherish, each piece I use.

..No one thought to question why he did not speak of beets, when Godfrey had his table that summer in the park. My long lost youth I recall as a sweet mental journey, so long ago when I knew Godfrey.Mrs Harriet Bridges-Shlunder felt the tree that he sat under, was her’s, as the trunk was on her side of a fence. Godfrey pointed out the pleasures of the shady bit, and invited to his side of the tree to sit. But instead she wrote a letter, long in language terse, she wrote “in the park now sits an oddball I can hear reciting verse” There is laughter there and singing out loud, poets, artists, hippies and the poor form a most unsavory crowd. I understand he believes in something called Whirled Peas- all very disturbing to the likes of me.

She mailed it to the city paper, it was printed with a group, of letters from others concerned with salt in soup. Mrs Harriet Bridges- Shlunder had her say, the coppers showed up mid- sing song, they took Godfrey and his table away. They deemed him a nuisance and took my friend away.

Larry, Lonewolf, my self and Eunice Sopp, took a bag of apples down for Godfrey to the Cop-Shop. Next day I found his table tossed away by lost lagoon, dragged it home and  leaned it by the old canoe, in my sitting room. Every Saturday for years we would set it in the shade, to share song and stories with the friends Godfrey made, Harriet Bridges- Shlunder still complains of hippies neath her trees, but I know wherever Godfrey is he would wish for her only “Inner Peas”.

SHENANIGANS REPORTED IN WAKE OF VAGABONDS ARREST- Cases of beets were piling up today in the wake of “table top talker” Godfrey’s arrest. A spokeswoman, Ginger would only comment that supporters of the Welsh born Godfrey, who calls a border- less world his home , have decided to drop off beets until he is set free.

Beets, fresh, canned and pickled are stacked to the ceiling in the entrance foyer. The place smells like  a sea of borscht bearing pacifists un-bathed for some time, P.C Brad Knatt complained. All night, the poets joined hands round the station and sang “Daddy Would Not Buy Me A Bow-Wow”and other songs of freedom and protest.

GODFREY RUINED MY PANT-SUIT- claimed Mrs Lillian Bird, a visitor from Kelowna. Mrs Bird ruined her pants in wet paint when a sign  near Godfrey’s table was moved..He kindly replaced it with a suit of plaid..hideous, Mrs Bird screeched.

FREEDOM AT LAST FOR VAGABOND- Wearing the plaid outfit Mrs Bird rejected, carrying a battered guitar and a suitcase with what appeared to be the remnant of a pink nightgown sticking out, released today , the vagabond Godfrey wove his way smiling down the long, beet lined corridor of the police station. He described the officers who arrested him as “very large and clean”. He told them, all I wanted to do was sit in the shade and talk. Mrs Harriet Bridges- Shlunder , claiming ownership of the shade complained vehemently of the presence of Godfrey and his “Rag Tag Lot; the poetry was dreadful, she said and they laughed a lot.

A young poet, calling herself Little Doe Unit writes, He was young of heart and mind, scruffy, kilted and kind.He is heading for the Prairies, big mosquitoes! muddy rivers!  golden wheat!. He did not move the wet paint sign, and would talk of anything except the beet.

Myra Hughes, a proper lady when need be. With her teeth in, wearing white gloves and hat. And Short Handed Dupuis, who loved to talk of chickens, took up vigil neath the tree where Godfrey had sat. It was Larry the free advice Wino, saved from the trash his songbook, and the 19th wisdom of Godfrey- WHICH STATES- WHEN ARRESTED FOR CREATING A NUISANCE IN THE PARK- ALWAYS THANK THE COPS FOR THE DRY PLACE TO SLEEP; AND OFFER THEM APPLES.


2 thoughts on “A LEGEND IS BORN- BEETS, BEETS AND SHENANIGANS-by Ginger Alphonse- his 19th wisdom.

  1. So many great characters, I enjoy them all, even miserable Harriet. “There is laughter and singing out loud…a most unsavory crowd” wrote negative Harriet. You well described the “Harriets” we’ve all known.

  2. Good Morning- my what a great read, thank you- a lot of my characters are based on women I met living for a year at Greenham Peace Camp, and an amalgam of wretched Aunts I grew up with. My home over looks an inner city green space, lots of humanity out there.

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