Autumn mist and mellow fruit, like the leaves drift down and aside. Mud deep, frozen rut, hoof print, boot print.Magic mornings frost rime on gorse. Autumn mist and mellow fruits.

Overnight it seems come the shaggy winter coats. Hurr, Hurr, Hurr, hurry up please the ponies chuff, impatient for their hay. I breathe it all in, clover,sweet feed, carrots. Scent of warm, damp, coats, metal tang of mud.Goat wee, in the straw. I crack the first ice, thin on the tub trough, the big horses drink deep and slobber warm bran mash.Wreckless, fearless barn cat slinks purring between  paddle hooves, snitching dropped bits of feed.

Only the black horse tolerates black cat, golden mare swings golden cat over the fence. Cat leaves home for two weeks. Autumn mist and mellow fruit

Hike through the oak  forest, firewood to saw up, axe bites deep.Before the fire I have built myself, under the full moon I will sleep. When I gather herbs and nettles fresh, when spring shyly returns anew, summer storms, autumn mist and mellow fruits, are the times I cherish most- it is  then that I miss you…


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