I learned so much from Godfrey in the 28 years I knew him, and that first year when he stayed in our little town was special. He worked in the cafe of our only hotel, The Wort Hotel, and stayed in a room above the bar. He was cheerful about repair jobs, like propping up a broken sink with tins of beets, carrying heavy roasts up the stairs for Laurie The Cook ,and waiting tables in a smock and name tag that said “Marlene”.

With one small shop in town we would make the drive to the next small town which had a super market, and for Godfrey a grand selection of ice- cream, and an aisle of cookies, biscuits to Godfrey.SOP UP LIFE WITH A BISCUIT – is what Godfrey said to me with a chuckle.

We stood in his favorite store aisle, biscuits in rows of every kind. Me with the cart, needing the loo, waiting for Godfrey to make up his mind..Ahh said Godfrey, oatmeal, healthy dunked in tea, Digestives for private times with yourself, these pink ones far too long on the shelf, sop up life with a biscuit said Godfrey.

Tim-Tams remind me of travels recent, shortbread for posh  occasions decent, Toffee Pops essential with coffee. Ginger Nut will not get crushed in your pack, when woolgathering by streams, one must have custard creams.

Godfrey chose the lemon creams and paused, reluctant to put the Muesli bars back. Sop up life with a biscuit he said adrift in happy thought, these Hob-Nobs leave bits in the teeth, but will go well baked in crumble with he apples we have bought. Let us find a loo for you dear Worzel, then go home for coffee break, we shall sop up life with a biscuit, and big slab of Mrs Gibberflat’s fruitcake..



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