THE RED AND BLACK PLAID SUITCASE- THE 8th Wisdom of Godfrey- From Worzel

Decrepit described the suitcase ,when delivered I dragged it up onto the porch. Garnet Odd blinking,groggy in the hammock from a nap.Regarded the suitcase(he had not yet met Godfrey), and called it a worn out hunk of crap. Ignoring his negativity, I wondered without his suitcase what had become of Godfrey…It was  easy to open the non-existant lock, and to get the zipper, broken years ago to slide. I just cut away the ropes that bound the suitcase closed, these are the first things I found inside.

What appeared to be a layer of very fine sand and mud stains, the missing handle, his fire making kit and some beeswax candles, a tatty pillow made from his ancient Horse-Sweater, a pair of modest flowered shorts.Then thankfully an explanation, hidden in the lining, Worzel dear, hello from Godfrey, how are you? As you can see I have finally made it to Lima, Peru. My daring Clementine wants’ me to get a nicer suitcase, its’ a long story, and I felt the treasures of my life safer sent to you.

I reached the city by trekking overland, and mountains, rivers and a nasty stream of quicksand. As you know there are 99 things that I do not let bother me, on my journey I ate cold potato soup every day, breakfast,lunch and tea. The ground was wet and hard outside the huts where the fleas bit me. Kind people drew a map, moldy and torn in two,I thought destiny may fail me,but the suitcase saved me, I will collect it when next I see you.

For on my trek through jungle and mire, I came upon a high point, I would have to cross by walk-wire. High narrow things, indeed do bother me. ..Godfrey chose to swim, and aquired his 8th wisdom, or by chance did it aquire him?

In the clean, clear water, quicksand is fine, deep and soft. He sank waist deep, heavy suitcase held aloft, his kilt and one boot soon floated out of view, his shorts filled with sand and he almost lost them to.His sock that held the tramps’ coin he had carried so long  was hung up in a sunken tree, but the battered old suitcase, sealed with years of  spilled candle wax, did not pull him down, it gently floated Godfrey free. He hitched a ride with some fishermen, their fish, large families and dog,they sold him back his kilt they had found, hung up on a deadhead log. He trekked soaking wet with sand in one sock, he reports, “It was most un-pleasent , having such a lot of fine sand in my shorts”. His coin was gone forever but replaced his boots and socks at the first market stall, and he found his daring Clementine the day after writing his 8th wisdom, my favorite wisdom of all.-

.THE 8th WISDOM OF GODFREY STATES- TRUST THE NATURAL BUOYANCY OF YOUR LUGGAGE TO FLOAT YOU UNHARMED FROM LIFE’S QUICKSAND. When we eventually retired to the coast, and opened Godfreys; Luggage, we used this wisdom on our business cards…


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