I WILL EMPLOY HIM AS A GOAT RENTER-when he no longer wishes to roam-Bye Worzel

Indeed, Godfrey’s suitcase was a disgrace, traveled out and way beyond repair. But the “treasures of his life”, were wrapped well and packed with care.

I placed them on my mantelpiece with our prize cattle trophies, and other cherished trinkets of mine.They brought a warmth and comfort to our hearth, it evolved into something of a shrine. With Godfrey’s things there was a drawing of a cactus..a spiral fossil, a pouch of crystals, stones from a beach, smooth and  nice to hold, whirled peas(a whole tin) a paw print in clay of his childhood Siamese, tufts of plaid wool wound round a large safety pin.

There was a pretty Paua Shell, and his dads’ 5th birthday card, that he kept for reasons I never asked and he chose not to tell.Of his books,

Frommer Canada on $5.00 a day,

East Coast torn away, Winnie The Pooh, his Book Of Mao, Born Free and We Bought A Zoo. There was a letter from his Mother, folded neatly in two, and a photo of Godfrey, about 6 in a white suit. He has been dragged out of the church coal scuttle, chased there by beets wielded by his nasty Uncle Lou.

Why is he all black? in this picture Garnet asked. He dislikes beets I told him of cruel Uncle Lou, His sister Alice took the photo and Alice was unpleasant to.

He stands with his Grandma before the camera,

she has a gap toothed grin,  tiny and bowlegged, wearing gumboots and an old brides-maids’ frock. It was a funeral for someone Godfrey never knew, Grandma went all the social events, and Godfrey usually went with her to.

This is a great photo, it belongs in a frame, Garnet Odd asked softly,”what was her name”? He called her only Grandma …all he really told me is that they were one and the same…she had a ramshackle home, was something of a ‘tippler’, she taught him to dance and gave him the love of the poem.

I will employ him as a Goat Renter, Garnet promised, when he no longer wishes to roam, we will keep his old suitcase, and one day hope to welcome Godfrey home.


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