ARAHURA- The Pathway to Dawn- collected by Worzel

On the ferry Arahura we were heading down the Sound, bound for Cook Strait’s rolling sea. In the wind he stood, up on the bow,alone with his thoughts stood the vagabond Godfrey.

A solitary dolphin surfed the waves churned below, an albatross glided in and out above the swells. On the Pathway to Dawn it was time to go.

I thought it curious he looked ahead and not  back, an odd looking chap in tatty kilt and wooly hat. His long hair was sun bleached, tanned face wistful and kind, I moved to his side and asked. Have you left someone you love behind?( I am old, I can ask these things)

Godfrey laughed, he said, The weather tried to kill me, tracks were steep, the rivers high and wide.I have ate my weight in Ice-cream, sand-fly

bites have scarred my hide.

I was welcomed in my kilt, enjoyed the small remote places, it rained every track I tramped, and every road I cycled on…Yes I’m leaving what I love behind, hopefully not long, on the old Arahura, The Pathway to Dawn.

The smell of baked beans and spaghetti wafted up from below deck, mingled with the scent of coffee, toast  and bacon. He told me, this is the most lovely ferry ride I have ever taken.

A very rare sight, we saw the cone of Taranaki, clear and cold ahead on the horizon. When we disembarked, with a wave and backward smile he was gone, I met him on the Arahura, The Pathway to Dawn…

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