RASPBERRY PICKERS WANTED- NO BLOKES NEED APPLY- Godfrey  read this notice on a Launderette wall, there he stood in his bloomer shorts, his washing not yet dry.

Hmm, he pondered,I’m a bloke, I shall go and find out why. There were only 3 houses in Motupiko, , Godfrey hopped off his bike at the first yellow one, he had peddalled all day from the distant town, now the golden sun of Motupiko was going down.

John the farmer said he’d give Godfrey a try, though ademant that no blokes need apply.” They squash, the fruit, they drink alcohol, they gripe about the rains, they eat more fruit than they pick, they pee in my raspberry canes”.

Thus began a summer of work and fun, for Godfrey picked raspberries, in the golden sun of Motupiko.

Like in years past he helped out with the sheep, and under the stars neath a tree in the yard he would sleep, preferring outside to the house where the pickers stayed, 5 Swedish travelers and a Vegan from Leeds,every night she cooked beets, complained of the weather, squashed the berries, and  once on a Monday morning, came boldly down Godfrey’s row and peed in the weeds!!.

When the best fruit was picked the Swedes moved on, next day, leaving beets in her wake, the vegan from Leeds was gone.

Godfrey picked the now jam- bound fruit by the truck load, then worked at a Honey Farm across the road. In the golden sun late summer brings, and Godfrey allergic to bee stings, with a special tool and a wooden frame, he scraped rotten bee’s wax, each frame was the same

..Only 6 people lived in fair Motupiko, and when it was Godfrey’s time to go ..his bike bags were laden with berries and honey, and for another years vagabonding he had enough money.

And John the kind farmer laughed, “No Blokes Need apply said he, next shaggy bull calf we have we will name for you, farewell to you Godfrey.”

And I laugh to when I tell this story, I picture an odd looking calf, a sturdy one,in the peaceful fields of that valley run, long ago it was, in the golden sun of Motupiko.


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