Dear Beatrice- This afternoon I woke

exactly where I have longed to be, face to the sun on the beach at  Punakaiki. Slept out for a week, alone, yet not lonely, out on

The northern end where the river of the  same name meets the’s Christmas Day, with the incoming tide you will find me.

And wrapped warm in my kilt at eve, watch people gallop horses in the spray  of the wild, Tasman Sea. There is a Pub up on the road side, if I feel the need for company, but for now I will enjoy Christmas Day, alone on the beach at Punakaiki.

Very rare the light here,that bathes the cliffs, sentinels of amber,rust and gold they stand. And for me the glittery bits, of Jasper and Jade , are special gifts  in the sand. In the city, far away someone told me, people fight and quarrel, in shops over rubbish like a cheap T.V. All that matters is the beauty of today for me.

Scratch this poem in the sand for the tide, sitting on the beach at Punakaiki..


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