I had never been nice to The Fish Lady. I had been rude to Maria Tillapia, her daughter a strumpet had led my Godfrey astray. So I was rather surprised  to see her fish truck, turn into my driveway this day.

Declining my wary invitation to tea, she stood amid the goats on my lawn, she choked on a tear, and said Beatrice dear, please locate Godfrey, and tell him his daring Clementine has passed on. Tell him my daughters” last words were for him, “She said remind him to sop up life with a biscuit”. Tell him never to forget the biscuits.

..Before I could articulate a proper word to say, Maria was gone in her fish truck driving away. Knowing how much the two of them loved sweets and biscuits, Clementine’s last words did not lack significance. So I wrote to Godfrey, broke it to him gently, that his daring one dehydrated and died, one day laughing over someones nasty lunch in the microwave, next day withered up inside.

I reminded him how she made him laugh, how deeply she truly cared, how she did not mind his youthful shyness, his Pompadour, the adventures they shared on their long, silly motorbike ride.

When Godfrey finally replied, he said he was feeling the shadow of old age, he wrote of a Liquid Manure Lagoon,of pastry crumbs, falling on his tear stained page.

He said I know that she has made, peaceful transition to a Beet Less Plain, and until we meet up there, the biscuits just do not taste the same..Thank You From Godfrey.


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