It is New Years Day at Godfrey’s luggage, someone asked me today what Godfrey may have to say about 2014, if he was here. From the misty heights of Mt Elephant, to the toilets odd glory, for 3 years now I have written your story. From the humid, sagging stage ,to hail storm cold. On the nasty #50 Bus, at open mike bold.By hand and by key board, now at large in the world, it is roaming as you did, your legend is being told.

.. And what would you tell us if you could be here? What wisdom of Godfrey , at this the turning of the year.. I see him sit deep in my turquoise chair, with cream bun and tea, he has snitched my good cup. runs his hand through his hair, with sideways smile, he calls bring in the biscuits, Worzel, it will soon be New Year, let us soak it up, soak it up with a biscuit.

Soak up life with a biscuit or sweet, may the new year hold you in a place of peace, free from envy, want or fear. Life goes so fast my friends, be brave, don’t waste it, soak it up with a biscuit.

AND THE 28th WISDOM OF GODFREY STATES-  A hot drink and fresh biscuit is good for you, in the midst of beets, I found there was in me an invincible ginger nut..never quit living, from Godfrey.


One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR- FROM GODFREY- his 28th Wisdom

  1. Whoa … 28 Wisdoms now … and news of Godfrey’s inner invincible ginger nut … what a joyous way to begin a new year, Worzel! Here’s to a year of sopping up life with biscuits!

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