URBAN PENTIMENTO- A Glimpse of Godfrey, from Worzel

As you roam your town or city- you may catch a glimpse of Godfrey.. people write me on occasion when they do. As his story unfolded and his legend grew.

He is the odd looking character, asleep by day in grassy park. His pillow an old suitcase, red and black plaid. He may be the shadow figure of a hobo one avoids after dark. And it must have been Godfrey, reported sitting deep in thought, feeding crows and pigeons with the crumbs he had bought.

Someone dropped their broccoli, outside the Fairways, who knew crows enjoyed broccoli, laughed the vagabond Godfrey. Out on the harbor breakwater as the sun rose, November wind blowing cold. crystal snot my nose, watching tugboat heading out. Twas Godfrey in warm kilt introduced himself and said, I wonder at the lovely bays and beaches such a working tug goes.

They were peering at the poem that was chalked in scrawl on a city wall, he wrote- Moon cradles Moon. as autumn covers summer. She tucks her plaid cloak over all. Then she comes slowly with Earth’s winter coat and blanket. We who live outside look up from our warm fire, smile up as Moon cradles Moon.

Inspired by the words, Eunice took down brush and paint, it was long ago she did it, the chalked words are gone the, the colors faint, she painted his poem.As you roam to your town or city, may you catch a glimpse of Godfrey, studying the menu in in the window of a  Chinese Cafe. Over cream bun and coffee he sits quietly, reading the obituaries. On occasion people still write to me..when by chance they meet up with  Godfrey….


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