SCROGGIN-For Breakfast, Lunch And Tea- From GODFREY

Of the 99 things that did not bother Godfrey, one was packing for a tramping hike, mixing up his Scroggin recipe. Oft he told me,’I enjoy it breakfast, lunch and tea. Red peanuts, the roasted kind, the softest raisins I can find, not sweet. Throw them in- add one banana chip per day to locate in the dark as a treat. Then he laughed, I will mix up and bake, a batch of my old Ma’s Indestructible Oatcake. Let it cool, each broken up with a hammer shard, when thrown in the  Scroggin bag, will not crumble though the trek be wet or hard. I keep my chocolate separate, he explained, as a special reward…Pumpkin seed, almonds, the rich cashew, I do not like beets, or sunflower seeds do you?  Double bagged in a stuff sack, top of my backpack, heavy yet ever so yummy. Scroggin for Godfrey, Breakfast, lunch and Tea.


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