SKINNY DIPPING- As told to Worzel

I prefer to skinny-Dip fully clad, shyly he told me..where waterfalls tumbled into cool crystal pools, was there I met up with The Vagabond Godfrey.

I do not fear creatures that lurk in the sea. Iv’e been threatened by eels though, had nasty things floating by, tickling me. Snapping Turtles and Sharks have not worried my thoughts. It is not in my destiny ever to drown. But I do find on occasion  it’s awkward, to swim with my bits hanging down.

How does a chap discuss this? Things twist and turn in the flow. My swimming “cossie” was knitted for me by my old Ma years ago. It is lovely plaid wool, down to my knees, straps cross in the back like dungarees, she knitted a discreet pouch for a snack, coin or keys. Yes Godfrey would talk to anyone, talk of anything but beets as you well know, he Skinny-Dipped fully clad, where the waterfall chuckled in the clean river’s flow…


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