MODEST FLOWERED SHORTS- Beets gave him “The Grue”- by Worzel

When I first knew Godfrey and he came to visit me, we oft sat with my dad watching hockey. Distant flitting figures, frequently behaving badly, on the screen of our ancient black and white T.V. “No Godfrey muttered my old man, “the object of this game is not to kill the guy in blue”. To Godfrey said I our local team plays Saturday,let us go to the game me and you.

From the start Spatz whacked Greb, but skated off without blame. In his kilt with beer and hot-dog, sat Godfrey enjoying his first hockey game. He watched the Brothers Mean, twins on the same team, they did everything twice at the same time, and when one scored both names went on the board, rather than sort it and no one seemed to notice or to mind…Arthur Clobber sat alone in the penalty box, I explained he was there for hooking LaPerere. then LaPerere chanced to score, and Arthur sat alone no more. “Such a great deal of perspiring in such frost and cold”. “What Rannygazoo my old Ma would say” “This chap Kubasa can boldly play”, observed Godfrey.

Burrows burrowed deep and stole the puck from mighty Gore. Kubasa slapped Burrows and he burrowed no more. La Perere grabbed him by the pants, and heaving twice, lifted large Kubasa  clean off the ice, threw him over the boards near our seats- Godfrey knelt and introduced himself as one who disliked beets. “All my life he said, the sight of beets has given me “The Grue”..I simply do not like beets, Mr Kubasa, do you?’.On a stretcher he was placed and taken down a long corridor. Blood was scraped up and the game resumed once more. Godfrey was quiet walking home from the rink, I left him alone as we walked, his thoughts to think. It was late afternoon, one of clean squeaky snow, we paused by the slough in that lovely, prairie blue glow. He said,”Worzel dear, I am not out of sorts, only glad that neath my kilt I wore my modest flowered shorts”. “When poor Kubasa was asked if he was okay, he said “I dislike beets, and am glad that odd guy, chose to wear his flowered shorts, all I saw were his flowered shorts today…


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