THE NORMAL HAT- The 30th Wisdom of Godfrey, by Worzel

Twas spring when he left home at 16, so Godfrey was oft too warm wearing it..his plaid wooly hat in the form of a dragon, with a tail and buck tooth that his old Ma had knit. But it served him well whilst tending sheep, for the Highlands were chilly that year. When sleeping out under the stars, he would pull it snug over his ear. He was laughed at in London, Paris, Sydney, and Ballarat. But Godfrey had been teased all his life, for his dislike of beets, and vivid, plaid dragon hat.

In the southern summer Godfrey chose, a bandanna to wear on his head in the sun, a red one. It cooled him when hot, he dipped in a stream or the sea. When sailing he knotted it as a pirate may. He used it to carry home clams he had dug, Pipi clams fresh from Nydia Bay. The red bandanna was put to good use, to repair his suitcase when the handle was worn, and he sacrificed it to sew on a patch, when the behind of his good kilt was torn. The remnant of cloth Godfrey did not toss out, he tied it to the bow of The Whelk, his old rowboat. When he was asked why? He said, ‘Oh, its there to wipe my fishy hands dry’.

.Godfrey also owned what he lovingly called, “My Normal Hat For Autumn and Spring”. It was when new, a crushed  velvet Tam, vivid red with a ribbon of green and pink plaid for a brim, when hitchhiking, drivers stopped, because of the hat for him. A wild Turkey feather he happened to find, and two from a seagull he tied on behind. Completing the picture, was the strip of elastic, he preferred to a string, snug under his chin. Ever practical, no inhibitions, so roamed my Vagabond Godfrey. ..And the 30th wisdom of Godfrey states- “Do not fear that you may one day, be mistaken for an un-made bed. What is inside you is what matters, and what keeps the sun and snow off your head”..thank you from Godfrey.


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