It is legal in the wee town, known as Skibbereen to be annoying. It’s true the law is antiquated, but it suited Godfrey’s sister Alice just fine. She was enjoying living there, in Skibbereen you can sing out loud anywhere, snitch from the market stalls mushrooms or a pear.

Since she left home Alice sang with the Uncle Lou Band. They were never a success on the British music scene, but Alice settled down in Skibbereen. If Godfrey loved to laugh, Alice was one who loved to “Prank”. She would eat boiled eggs from a bag when in line at the bank. She ate raw garlic in summer, and she sang on the bus.

“It is not against the law” stated Alice- “why all the fuss”? In that she was correct as happily she wrecked, a display of pasta sauce in the corner shop.  Alice played her Lawrence Welk record  all night long, no one in Skibbereen  could tell her to shut-up or stop. Alice as promised, wrote to her brother, Godfrey every other year.

Godfrey, dear you must visit me here in Skibbereen, a place without a beet to be seen!! No one will laugh at your gumboots or your hair. You can be annoying that is why I live there.

Godfrey replied, sister older dear, as promised I write to you every other year. One of the things I have learned out on the road alone- there is no place on earth that beets cannot be found in tin, or jar, or cake, or grown.

Beets were found petrified in the ruins of Pompei, freeze dried in a South Pole tent, beets on outback burgers, omelets in Fiji, beets in some form every where I have went- there are beets.

You can no longer fool me with beets. An odd little place is the town of Skibbereen, where it is not against the law to be annoying…Alice found a home in the town of Skibbereen, for all her long life she remained annoying.


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