EELS ARE DRAWN TO DARK PLACES- The 34th Wisdom Of Godfrey

Of course, for Godfrey, it was not all glorious, sunny all his vagabond years. Change crept aboard  with age. The times he was lonely. There were the long hours of cold, thankless work. There were beets and dark places. Places “Where eels tend to lurk”. Now; Godfrey wrote, “I do not dislike eels”, they are welcome to their watery ways. Deep in the reeds are dark places, to remind me of my infrequent, yet entirely human, beeten on, sad and down days.This I have learned of eels, they are true survivors, even out of their element breathe through their skin if kept damp.(They are delicious roasted on a stick or in soup when you camp) One day i was snorkeling alone in the sea, when an eel popped out from the coral! I thrashed like a  twit worried that it had bitten me. It had not but it left me adrift in thought. Eels are drawn to dark places…places eels seek out and find.  When next I felt downcast, with a wet and cold behind, I considered the eel, the gallant eel, timeless dweller in his dark places. Slippery lurker in cold, clean water races. Where the shady creek bends, passes neath the willow, the vagabond has a warm sand dune for a pillow, a high, smooth stone overlooking valley or ocean his throne. Eels are drawn to dark places.. The 34th Wisdom OF Godfrey states- Trust to the higher wisdom,of the eel- who has learned and evolved  to just be. Keep your face to the sun, you are never alone you will see. Thank you from Godfrey.


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