NIGHT SKY OVER KAMSACK- 1985- From Godfrey

“I don’t care about the microwave!! Raoul, it’s you that I love she cried…Godfrey entered the foyer of the seedy motel, as a blizzard of snow raged outside. Goodness he thought, I do hope that is the T.V… as the grimy desk clerk belched forth the time-worn room key. It was very cold out, the night was black, not good for him to camp out that  snow, in Kamsack. “Careful whispered the motel clerk, to Godfrey with baked bean leer, “We got’s us a peeping-Tom around here. The celery colored toilet squats, cigarette burns where once the seat had been. Godfrey ran the bath water sadly, deep brown trickle with an eggish stink, no water at all flowed from the broken tap to the crusty sink. One drape hung shredded oer the window overlooking a wall. The other one and an ancient blind stopped up a leak, wadded up in a ball. Leprosy colored the bed spread may once have been green. Notches were carved in the headboard, of the saggy old bed, 18. For a good time call Cheryl was written in crimson nail polish by the door, he noticed the sticky magazines from 1974. The carpet was not too bad, just nasty and sad. Though early, Godfrey retired to read, in his good kilt wrapped warm, at around midnight he got up to check on the blizzard and storm. Godfrey, with boots and Parka on, stood out on what in summer would be the motel’s brown lawn. The desk clerk, his Mother, Raoul and Cheryl, even the Peeping Tom, passed between them a flask of whiskey-tea, “Look up, they beckoned to Godfrey. In that blue, silent winter calm, the snow storm over, blown by and gone. The Northern Lights, well they danced for Godfrey, red and green veils teased the sky…out where the nasty toilet squats, and the passing rail cars thunder. Godfrey never forgot this motley group, of strangers watching The Aurora in wonder, watching the night sky come alive, in Kamsack, 1985…  


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