RASCALLY PATH- From Miss Constance Fzafttzka.

I smelled campfire smoke one evening..heard off key whistling, heard a splash and a shiver, (coming from the cold river) On the grassy side of Rascally Path, I encountered by the deep pond, cooking his supper sat the odd vagabond. He said he disliked beets before I asked, his name and what he was seeking down Rascally Path. CHORUS- Take note of the nettle, do not touch the wild bramble, Oer the stepping stones hop, do not hesitate. for the path is rugged, no trimmed city amble. The pathway ends at Shady Gate. He told me his name, Godfrey, he’d come from the big city. “Twas there I sought wisdom in poetry”, “I stayed there a year said he”. I have always been side tracked by cow trails and by-ways and Rascally Path beckoned, “follow me down here”. “I took note of the nettles, picked the fruit of the bramble, oer the slippery stones, I admit I did scramble”. “The river provided the plump trout I ate, I am not yet ready to pass through Shady Gate… By the still summer water, we sat quiet together, it was warm on the smooth  stones we lay on our pillows of grass. Watched the stars spread their blanket, watched the quarter moon rise, watched her traverse the heavens over Rascally Path.  “No i am not ready, said the vagabond Godfrey”, not ready to trek round that next grassy bend, tramp the rough pathway , my brown, muddy boots on, where Shady Gate opens at my journeys end.    


2 thoughts on “RASCALLY PATH- From Miss Constance Fzafttzka.

  1. Thankfully Miss Fzafttzka recorded these moments with Godfrey. Sheila, your wonderful, poetic words beg to be read aloud (which I did and enjoyed several times) and I hope you shared them at an open mike night. You deserve a wide audience.

  2. Funny choice Mercy, thanks, this is a “Walking Song” to me, an easy chorus for a hike or tedious chore. Open mic here abouts is shut-down for summer, and the city has a new poet-laureate, not as energetic as our last one, I hope you enjoy the joy of reading them aloud, and feel free to share, Godfrey is for the world.

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