ELEVEN RANDOM FACTS- One, I dislike Beets. Two, got hit by lightning at 12, mildly, do not like to change light bulbs, Three, enjoy long walks on the beach, Four, Claustrophobic, Five, fear wolves, Six, bit of a gambler, Seven, love to bake but currently do not have an oven, Eight, Swam in the Red Sea, best swim ever, Nine, got deported for being a waitress,worst day ever, Ten, good at lighting camp fires in foul weather, Eleven, spend a lot of time looking out the window.

Eleven Questions? Am I comfy? Indeed, in my ugly pink velvet chair by the window listening to a really loud garbage truck and bridge construction. When did I begin Blog? Last July when I learned to use a computer, with help of friends. What does to Blog mean? Perhaps one post doth a journal make if it is all you have to say. For me, since Random House has not called it has been the vehicle for getting Godfrey’s message of a Whirled That Rhymes, of Whirled Peas to the masses.

Spelling? No, my characters telling his story have their indavidual ways of spelling

. What am I proud of? Of all the stories it is  “Eunice Painted Poetry” a little read piece, two years ago I read it on stage in a competition before judges and a crowd, we won the contest, but the promoter went broke and skipped town so fame was fleeting, but there is a good memory to “Eunice” that makes me laugh.

Do I re-read the blog? often, it is probably the only book in the world in rhyme about a chap who dislikes beets, keeps me humble. What else do I do well? Clean a mean toilet, once picked over a ton of raspberries, not much else

Power to fix one broken thing- I grieve for these angry young men with guns, as Godfrey said,(the words I actually found carved on a piece of wood on a remote beach) “Give me your anger, your sorrow, your fear, and I shall give you peace”

If I could I would give the world freedom from fear. Favorite decade? The 80’s, purely because I was young, traveling, it was all adventure and fun. % of Bloggers? I’d say it is an even split. Ah, if I could vote a band out of existence it would be Nickelback- there tuneless garbaling, mysogonistic lyrics and general nastiness insult music. My 11 fellow bloggers? I shall have to follow up on you all and make a list.


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