Godfrey oft enjoyed recalling the time, “I hitch-hiked with an anvil up quite a steep incline” “Those sweet days with Jasper, my gypsy friend, out on the high Pigroot road. We lightened the wagon there to ease Paddy’s load up the climb. “I with the anvil hitch-hiked behind, with her cat in a crate, a bale of straw and my suitcase off to the side. “Had any cars passed, I may have quick caught a ride, but none did all day”. Until I met Carlotta the climber, heading the other way.

“She did not question the anvil or the cat, or the bale of straw upon which I the back of her Bongo Van strewn with blankets soft, “I was a happy vagabond when Carlotta dropped me off”.

Ernest Lee Sincere believed in The Lord , he talked of Him for hours, and though very rarely bored, it was the longest hitching ride I have ever survived..”I was ready to repent my loathing for beets when Ernest finally pulled off to the side” “With a handshake and smile, he handed me a $10.00, and said “Thank you for listening to a boring old man”.

..On a rainy evening, south of Omarou, stopped for me a Morris Minor- a 1952. The nice lady driving, Willadee, turned to me and asked, “Godfrey, are you afraid to die? She explained that her brakes often failed and she did not know why”

“It was quite a ride, with a one lane bridge, fuel tankers, a loose horse and several tunnels”. Indeed no one died, we got safely to her house which had an odd car shaped dent in the side.

When I traveled with my pink bike, I meandered off track, seeking a lighthouse miles from anywhere. I met The Worlds Greatest Plumber at such a spot remote, there was no one else there.

“Worlds Greatest Plumber” I read in faded paint on his truck door. Ward Rambutan introduced himself as plumber no more, I am retired and wander free like you. “No more leaky pipes, no nasty blocked up loo. “He asked me do you like pears or tinned Spam meat? “Will you join me for Penguin Eggs boiled on the beach?

“No thank you said I,( Penguin eggs and beets make me reechh”) “so I shared the Haggis I had brought from town, and The worlds Greatest Plumber and I sat on a log and watched the sun go down”.

“I found a higher wisdom in people I meet, out on the open road, avoiding all things beet. Plenty to do while waiting for a ride, like snoozing in the shade, or drawing with a stick in the dirt by the roadside.”Find a warm place to sneck in for winter. Dream of the warm nights of summer,

“I remember with affection Carlotta the climber, and my deep conversation with the Worlds Greatest Plumber.  From Godfrey.

4 thoughts on “THE WORLDS GREATEST PLUMBER- And Other Stories By Godfrey

  1. My particular favorite from this tale of Godfrey’s chance meetings on the road is Willadee and her opening question. I laughed aloud. Thanks, Sheila, for starting my day off so well.

    • Thanks Janet- Thanks for enjoying Willadee- That story is based on a true experience I had in my reckless days, the car was a 1952 Austin and I had a lot of time to consider her question as the headlights also failed and I spent most of the journey crouched under the dash praying and holding a very warm wire.There was a lot very strange about that night..I have never really talked about it..One more question about your home, are there wild horses up there? Talk to you next, and again glad you enjoyed, Sheila.

      • Yes, there is a herd of wild horses not too far from town that is much admired and photographed. There were also herds of wild horses where I lived in Northern Nevada. They always seem to be topics of controversy as the Bureau of Land Management struggles to manage the herds so they don’t overrun their environment.

  2. Hello Janet- thanks, as you may have deduced I love horses, and am currently writing about wild ones. Saw a lovely You-Tube video of a Colorado herd, perhaps the ones you know. I have always been curious of Nth Nevada, facinating history and landscape.

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