THE POET’S FAREWELL- I Will Carry You, Bye Godfrey

A Vagabonds Farewell- is a check on the weather, and last look about. You shoulder your pack, I will look for your name in dust by the road or scrawled in the hut book on the high Heaphy Track. There is no goodbye- no words will do, for the grand time we shared, carry the joy always, as I will carry you.

The Pony’s Farewell- In retirement I grow fat and shaggy. You grew up as I could not help but grow old. On school days I would patient wait, for you alone I’d crowd the gate..I see by the signs you will leave soon for the city. I would carry you there on my back willingly. But it’s gentle whicker farewell tonight, soft nuzzle, farewell from pony.

The Peace Woman’s Farewell- We have halted the convoy, as we set out to do. Muddy boots and tattered cuffs, I shall pass them on to you. One last, long night’s chat neath the ancient, giving oak tree. One last long look down the fence, I turn away forever, carry you and all you are away in memory.

A Sailors Farewell-  Do not waste a grain of sand on worry for me. There is mutual respect between I and the sea. A sturdy ship “My Lute”, a living thing. My farewell words will carry back to you. For as I clear away the bounds of land and shore- I will sing.

The Poet’s Farewell- It’s along the same lines as the Vagabond’s and all, though generally written as a note, left neath the tea-bags with a number to call. But the best farewell is one from a friend- thank you for being the best you could be. On those weary days and dark nights, your love carried me, farewell to my friend, farewell from Godfrey.


2 thoughts on “THE POET’S FAREWELL- I Will Carry You, Bye Godfrey

  1. Worzelodd, I’ve found The Collected Wisdom of Godfrey by following your comments to Aunt Beulah. Janet suggested I’d enjoy your blog and she’s certainly right. I’ve read back through the last six+ posts and I’ve had moments I laughed and moments I felt sad as I discovered such varied and complex characters along Godfrey’s path. I had to read and then re-read the first post to discover your clever rhyme and rhythm, that flows through all posts.

    “But the best farewell is one from a friend- thank you for being the best you could be”, is one of many favorite quotes I’ll remember.

    The emotion I feel reading leads me to believe the sadness at the loss of Godfrey is a personal loss you felt at one time. Your writing is so unique and enjoyable.

    • Thank you Mercy, What a lovely comment. Godfrey is based indeed on an individual I met in 1983, we knew each other briefly forever as Godfrey the character would say. 3 years ago at my work I wrote “You Remind Me Of Haggis” As all my co-workers talked about were digestive enzymes and cats. Someone liked it and fished it out of the trash. I kept on writing, and doing spoken word about town. Aunt Beulah has become a fine friend. Godfrey is about love, trust and friendship, and dislike of beets..Thanks Again Mercy, Sheila.

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