WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT TODAY- From Godfrey and Worzel

We had never made a big event of Christmas…Godfrey spent most winters in Southern climes,it was quiet times when we lived on the ranch. One odd year he was there with us, I wallowed in wrapping paper and tape. Godfrey, in my turquoise chair attempted to winnow his thoughts down to one hundred words for a seasonal story contest I’d found in our local paper. He was inept at wrapping gifts, but used the words as his contest entry.

..What is good about today- How would I wrap thee? Of all the blessings I accept with grace and for reasons not yet understood..I rejoice in the fact I wake up each morning still able to ask- of this day, what is good?.

And how would I wrap the gift of friend that is you? wrap you in the colors of the sunrise on Waiheke. I would wrap you in the pages of your poetry. Tie you with a bow formed from ribbons of white cloud. Pluck twenty eight  tail hairs for a braid if my gentle horse allowed…to keep the braid forever on your shrine, amid the clobber I have sent you and all the odd treasures of mine.

How would I wrap thee? old friend..and does such a word matter in the end? Perhaps with wooly strands of many shades, to remind me of your strength yet never to hold captive or bind.

We are the threads, Worzel dear. I feel you beside me on the loneliest stretch of sand, on the steep bits of a slippery track it is your hand keeps me from falling. It is the line of forgiveness when time passes by without my writing or calling.

How would I wrap thee? weave about you new mowed hay or a soft quilt of down, for you are finer than any fancy tinsel or colored cloth or paper bought from town. And I would stoke the fireplace to warm you where you lay..and we would know without question..what is good about today?..


4 thoughts on “WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT TODAY- From Godfrey and Worzel

  1. Thanks so much Janet- since I was 11, I ask this question every morning upon rising, now Tuesdays I can include Aunt Beulah in my what is good. Had to wrap gifts at work yesterday for delivery men, a heavy roll of paper launched itself of the herb shelf, and anihilated one of my goody- trays..I to am inept at wrapping..cheers.

  2. I’ve read What is Good About Today at least 5-6 times and I’m overwhelmed by the meaning and beauty of your words. Read out loud it is even more special. Janet was able to say in fewer words what I’m feeling.

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