MAUDSLEY HOSENBOLT- Only Spoke In Song Titles- From Worzel

Miss Maudsley Hosenbolt on a park bench she sat, with the Vagabond Godfrey, enjoying a chat.   “I do not like beets”, he told her cordially, “I only speak in song titles”, replied  Maudsley.

“May I refer to you as Maude? “have you been labeled odd?”         “Always,” “Crazy”, said she, just a “Girl on a Road”, “Ive’ Got To Be Me”. “What fun, I truly agree, laughed Godfrey.

It was the summer he had his table in the park- summer of song and poetry that he met Maudsley.   “The times they are A Changing”, Godfrey, “The Rain in The Park and Other things”, to “My Home On The Range”, soon “I’ll Fly Away”, “Remember Me” when “Autumn Leaves” fall, “All Things Must Pass” for us all.

Eunice, the artist sat by the campfire, drawing the song titles spoken by Maudsley. Old Myra Hughes, whose home was the park, slurped tea with a frown of worry. Larry, The Free Advice Wino, tapped a Scrabble Tile, a C. “Larry, said Myra, I need your advice, though Maudsley is annoying I wish her to stay”.What do you advise? “let It Be’, shrugged Larry..

“Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow-Wow”,” Long Ago and far Away”, “But it’s All Over Now,”sang Maudsley, soon I will touch “The Green, Green Grass of Home”, my “Feelings” no longer “Midnight Blue”, “My Favorites Things” will be “Remembering You”.

“Maudsley, dear Maudsley, how unique you be, brought mirth to our group here neath the shade tree, thanks from Godfrey.

“Rare is the poet who speaks in song titles, and dislikes beets as passionately”.   In lieu of a suitcase, Maudsley carried a pail, of all she owned, with a tight lid to seal it.  Sturdy and practical in all weather, made a handy chair, and no one was likely to steal it, wrote Godfrey.

“One last evening we camped out at the shade tree, “Red, Red, Wine”?, asked Larry of Maudsley”. Eunice said, “I Drew A Picture of Me without You”. “Do you Know Where you’re Going To?”, Myra inquired.  “This Land Is Your Land”, Myra, said Maudsley, “I was “Born Free”. “Que Sera, Sera”, replied  Myra.

“So Long, it’s Been Good To Know Ya”.  “It was rarely serious under the tree, as later on The Media  made it out to be….where are you now, Miss Maudsley Hosenbolt? since that long ago summer of poetic infamy…


4 thoughts on “MAUDSLEY HOSENBOLT- Only Spoke In Song Titles- From Worzel

  1. Such fun, Sheila. Giggles got the best of me at “Daddy wouldn’t buy me a bow-wow” and continued to finish with a grand guffaw at “This Land is Your Land.” My days have been a bit gloomy lately, and spending time with you and your crazy crew has lightened my heart this morning.

  2. Thanks Janet- I have always kept a character like Maudsley in mind- glad she could brighten your day- it’s what we do. We used to sing “Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow-Wow” and “My Son calls Another Man Daddy” in England at protests to annoy the police- very effective indeed.

  3. How clever! It was fun to remember old tunes, especially “So long, it’s been good to know you.” We moved so frequently that I attended 2-3 schools each year. As we drove away in a new direction, that’s the song my dad would sing.

  4. Good evening Mercy- I cannot imagine moving that much- I left home at 17, never having been uprooted. We grew up on Woody, and The Weavers, being bad meant being banished to the spare room, where Ma, who had studied in New York kept the record player, I banished my self as much as possible. Always wanted a character who spoke this way- we will see if Maudsley returns for an encore.

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