I did not want to write vow or affirmation on my wedding day, It was a prairie spring afternoon, clobbered by a “Colorado Low”, a foot of gobby snow, clearing to a cold, sunny day. All I could hear as we stood before the celebrant was my sister Fillipendula wheezing beside the heavily perfumed Audrey Lightheart, and the scrape of a shovel outside where my brothers Cudberth and Inkerman were spreading fresh cow manure alongside our car. I knew Godfrey would not show up, he was enroute to Peru, but when I had introduced my vagabond friend to Garnet, the words were his, offering no higher wisdom than the simple statement, “Worzel, he will be your big adventure”….

When very young I recall a thought, perhaps if I sat long enough I could define a sense of what is important and whats not- so I did. Now it has taken many miles behind and not forgetting where it all began, an outside kid, sprawled face first the scent of earth and hay and meadow warm beneath and world waiting for her.

What’s important above all else is that you, you are indeed my big adventure.

From tall grass town to city block to saggy couch and tiny living space, turquoise chair, carpet old, the windows drafty. Warmed by wood-stove that first cold winter, we sat and talked in blankets wrapped, shared books and stories, watched bad movies, got to know each other. On my Scrabble Board one morning read, Will You Be My Big Adventure?…

So I did, but not to follow, I did not follow my son of a daughter of a rancher, but stride for stride beside- we became each others big adventure..

7 thoughts on “YOU ARE MY BIG ADVENTURE- Bye Worzel

  1. Aww, Janet, thanks. Being odd, I vowed never to get attached, and after my first “real Date”, my 18th birthday, a chap and I went to Vancouver, spent all our money, missed the ferry home and slept in the car at the dock, I recall the November dawn, weeing in the snow behind a truck and affirming that vow. Before I could appreciate that all things one day, help form the adventure.

  2. Words fail me when I read of the outside kid appreciating the earth beneath her and knowing the world waited for her. Your comment to Janet about appreciating all things forming life’s adventure is so wise.

  3. It’s never ever too late. I’m amazed at the enlightenment I’ve found slipping into old age. I feel a secret excitement knowing I can still seek and grow. It’s only too late when you wake up on the wrong side of the grass.

  4. You are so right on, Mercy, I feel it is perhaps that crone, post menopause thing, sliding into new, adventures and experiences, elder-hood minus the monthlies is so liberating.

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