As oft mentioned, Godfrey when young sat apart in art time at school, he spilled the glue, he managed to get pink sand in teacher’s dinner. On this day I will recall, alone in the rear of the room, trusted only with blunt scissors- Godfrey created The Wish Springer.

“I still use mine, I told Worzel”.. As befits  an eight year old boy, with his mind out the window, and heart pursuing dragons on his noble pony bold, as all the other kids made paper chains, of long colorful strips to stick and fold.

Godfrey made  Wish Springers, one for his Ma, in pink, one for his sister Alice, black and gold, for his Uncle Lou from a whiskey advert, paper he found in a magazine, he made mine extra big, in puce and forest green.

Teacher slapped Godfrey when he asked for cello-tape, so the ends of his art would not come loose. “This is not a paper chain for Christmas, she smacked, and she threw them in the rubbish before Godfrey could explain, or take his Wish Springers back.

At the end of the day, Miss Thapsus the cleaner lady, fished them from the bin for Godfrey, muttering that no lad should be treated so cruelly, and on our walk home he told me the story.

“You write your wish, stick it on with care, to the end of The Wish Springer, then be patient, wait until  the wishes get there”   Worzel had wondered of the ancient paper spring, “I had glued it to a river stone, now thick with lifetimes wishes the old Wish Springer had outgrown.

He created The Wish Springer long ago, an odd little boy sat on his own…


2 thoughts on “GODFREY’S WISH SPRINGER- Bye Beatrice

  1. “An odd little boy sat alone.” How many of these little ones have I seen in classrooms, sometimes my room, and how I hope I loved and appreciated them enough. Hurray for Miss Thapsus; every school should have a custodian like her. I love the idea of wish springers and waiting till they get there. Your writing sends my mind on flights of fancy, Sheila.

  2. Thanks Janet, We have a Wish Springer on our receiving desk at work, with three wishes on it already, and one of the girls bringing a rock for it on Monday, work has lately lacked in whimsey. They are easy to make, have a go. All your little Godfreys, back of the room will remember you fondly, as I recall Mrs Gadd, actually smiling down on my art work.(A bit of a tippler) She kept a brown flask in her desk, she loved everyone. Cheers.

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