Godfrey described Silver as- “abouts our age”, a ruggedly woman he observed sitting on a rock in a city park. She was drinking beer from a can, lightly scratching a half healed tattoo, while her Bull Terrier dog rolled happily in something under a nearby tree. “I mentally noted, wrote Godfrey, how this odd pair resembled one another”.” I was delighted when , later in the day as I stood hitching out of the town, this tough but cheerful woman and dog pulled over in a camper van and gave me a ride. We were both headed across the divide, to the valley of orchards, and over the miles, Tip-ex and Silver told me their story.

       I do recall that day, for yes, a dog loves a car ride, but felt not good a feeling inside- something smelled wrong…the human pulled my collar roughly off over my ears, threw me to the hot pavement, drove away, all I knew gone.  Smelling food, I waited by the big doors, where I remembered in happy times waiting tied before, hands leaned down to pat me, from a small one I mooched half a hamburger bun. Thirsty and frightened I chased crows from a puddle, the water hot and oily. My kind of dog was expected to be tough and scary. End of day, I still waited, curled in the shade patiently. ….

“I named her “Tip-ex” because of her tail, black with white tip like the error correction stuff people in suits who work at fancy desks use” “She was outside the Wall-Mart, the hot-dog vendor said it was the third day. “Said he gave her weiners he’d otherwise throw away. “Some kind of terrier, she regarded me and I her. (I was not fond of dogs) When we reached my van, she hopped right inside, made herself at home- I had often heard, how a dog loved a car ride.

Silver’s voice was gruff, but kind, the pace of life soothing in our moving home. She half lowered a window, placed a board for a ramp, so I could hop in and out as I pleased when we stopped for to camp, or when she left me, well fed and watered on my own. In time I did no longer cower or worry, and we picked up a hitch hiker, gave a ride to the vagabond, Godfrey.  A soft spoken chap, who would one day write our story.

“I named her Tip-ex, as she answered to the name and it fit. She has a vagabond heart for a dog, and inside unbend able spirit” “Dusty evenings, after work in the fruit trees, Godfrey joined us round the fire, we three. “He tossed Tip-ex cherries, which made us both laugh as she crunched contentedly “.

What I, only a dog find funny is that Silver thinks she rescued me!.  At times, eschewing terrier dignity across a field or seashore I will bound, bring back balls and sticks when she throws them away. Rescue, paw!, twas the other way around, with yap, I say. And as a gentle reminder who is boss, shower her with sand or spray. “In winter we sneck in, with books for Silver, warm fire-place for me. But come spring set out to meander across country. “I have hung out the window many happy dog years now, smelled all that smells on every breeze far and wide, seen everywhere twice, even the Yukon, for it is true, a dog dos love a car ride.           Thanks again to Lone-Wolf.


4 thoughts on “TIP-EX AND SILVER MAKE HOME- From Worzel

  1. I felt the bewilderment of an abandoned dog who faithfully waited where it had been left, and it makes me sad to know this isn’t uncommon. You bring emotions full circle with relief, and humor, that Silver has been “rescued”.

  2. Thanks Mercy- my friend, Lone Wolf sent me a photo of a woman and dog, I could not tell who’s story was about who. But wanted to hear how the dog felt. Lot of whimsy in the picture.

  3. Oh yes, a dog does love a car ride. When I see them in the back of a pickup or poking their heads out the window of a car, I swear they are smiling. I like the way you moved back and forth from the point of view of the woman to that of the dog. I also like your technique of creating a bit of fiction from a photograph to fit your over-all narrative about Godfrey.I’m going to store iphotograph-as-motivator away and use it in the great someday when I try to write fiction. Thanks, Sheila.

  4. Thanks Janet- Have you looked at “Humans Of New York’? You may find Silver and her dog there. When I came out of work today, I could smell forest fire, (Very Dry Here) Chicken soup, BBQ, and new cardboard from the liquor store, tried to imagine the scents on the wind amplified, as would a dog. Have a go if a photo moves you- great fun.

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