West coast summer- evening up at the lake, carry the canoe down to paddle at twilight..Garnet in the bow, Godfrey to steer, in duffer’s delight I will happily sit here.

Barely a ripple will our noble craft glide, I trail one hand gently over the side, my fellows understand reverence tonight, for silence on the water- for duffer’s delight.

There lives in me special memory of campfire at morning. the smoke lingers longer, the damp wood takes slow, hobo toast dripping honey, coffee just right, warm my face with the sunrise- duffer’s delight.

Before bold heat of day, my fellows set out, determined and laughing up the Arrowsmith trail, I have seen the view west from the summits height- today I stay cool by the lakeside- duffer’s delight.

A swim and a snooze, read my book, if inspired perhaps even stretch out and write.. do as I please ,for I’m out of the city, snooze in the shade deep in duffer’s delight.


4 thoughts on “DUFFER’S DELIGHT- From Worzel

  1. What a serene, rhythmic poem and, oh, how delightful to be a duffer with two such accommodating companions. It sounds like a perfect day. I envy Worzel and the poet who created this story.

  2. Thanks Janet- I happily miss-spent my youth at camp, every summer from age 13 to 29. Ought to have never left, I worked with amazing people, and oft at night took a canoe out to just drift and dream. I cherish those summers. Except I never got to Duff…

  3. Such wonderful memories of a peaceful twilight, an early morning, and a summer lakeside day. When I’m next enjoying a quiet day in nature I’m going to smile and think “duffer’s delight”.

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