ESCAPE FROM FEODOR-Godfrey- (Canadian Road Apples)

I never thought to ask Godfrey, on our Tuesday forays to the grocery store, why he would oft sidle up to an idling employee, or cashier intent on her nails, and whisper- “She’s Coming”.  There was usually a great display of diligence following this prank. When Beatrice and I read his journal, “Canadian Road Apples”, the chronicle of  adventures crossing Canada, the year before we met, it all began to make more nonsense…

I wish I was rich, rich, rich, I wouldn’t be here, here, here, I’d be there, there, there…

Every person has their story, this I well learned from Godfrey, everyone a reason they are where they are, and all they have gone through.

He learned this song from a chap named “Feodor” It is not long, I will share it with you. Godfrey wrote- “As a transient youth, I roamed your fair dominion, out to Knockfollie’s Bridge, down the wild eastern shore.” I had a room with a heater, and worked over winter in a grocery store. ”

” It is there, I met up with Feodor. “He wore a pink, knitted cardigan every day to keep warm. An older bloke, apron grimy, name-tag hung low, Feodor sang as he worked, the same song, everyday, all the time, every department that he chose to go”.

I wish I was rich, rich, rich, I wouldn’t be here, here, here,, I’d be there, there, there…   

“I charmed young Meg, for a chicken leg roast in the deli.” And pastries that fell on the floor, grumpy Betty would oft hand me”. “They felt for me for, on Mondays I had to sort cases of beets, that I abhor, with singing Feodor”.

“I put stickers on tins, helped elderly persons reach bins, swept endless aisles, mopped daily the dreaded mess, pleasant relaxation to escape from Feodor, I humbly confess. “Feodor did not eat his lunch, in the bile colored room set aside for the purpose, like I did, or you, if you working there had to”. “Feodor perched on a stool, ate hard boiled eggs and beets in broth, outside the door of the lone lady’s loo.”

“One cold day in Knockfollie’s Bridge, I stood trimming cabbages”. “Came the click of important shoes through the store, gossiping, eating, breaks ended abruptly, as whispered word spread…”She’s Here!”.    Twas the stores owner, came down from the city, random times of the year”.

” All was busy, in the bakery department you could hear a crumb drop.”Intent on my cabbages, soon realized, I could not see Feodor, who had been by my side, hear his tuneless singing anymore.” The Boss Lady, all of four foot eleven, stood satchel in hand, regarding me, from boots, up my kilt, and long hair tied back with a band from the broccoli.” “Feodor had  escaped to the walk in fridge- the story grew to legend in Knockfollie’s Bridge”.

” Peril had befallen Feodor. “Several cases of Weiners, still frozen, placed to rain down on whoever bolted to hide from the boss, when they opened the door”. “Boss Lady and I found him, Feodor, kneeling in weiners, scooping them into a bin”. In the midst of chaos, blue with the cold, covered in weiners, still he did sing”.

I wish I was rich, rich, rich, I wouldn’t be here, here, here, I’d be there, there, there…

“Thus concludes my story of Feodor and his song, I left Knockfollie’s Bridge come spring”. “But indeed I did learn this from Feodor,” wear your own  cardigan to keep yourself warm, and if life rains down weiners,  just sing.”

I wish I was rich, rich, rich, I wouldn’t be here, here, here, I’d be there, there, there…


6 thoughts on “ESCAPE FROM FEODOR-Godfrey- (Canadian Road Apples)

  1. Indeed, Feodor seemed to create a marvelous all-purpose song to be adapted as necessary for personal circumstances. I’ll have to think about my version, though I think it might begin: Oh I wish my knees didn’t ache, ache, ache.

  2. Thanks Janet- may I recomend a nice salve for your knees? Wish I could. My song goes- “If I didn’t live here, here, here, I wouldn’t work there, there, there…just some nonsense we can all sing along to.

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