RANDOM ELDER PERSON- A thought lost Wisdom of Godfrey

It was Beatrice, when I mentioned this incident, recalled something Godfrey had scrawled in a book of his early “Thots”. I myself, wondered if Maria Adora Cuabangbang had returned…but no, it was a wisdom and an oddity in one.  

I had hired a young woman, to mind our luggage sales, as intent I was on Godfrey’s saga, and prepared for an autumn trip to Wales. She cheerfully learned the rounds of dusting, stamping invoices, even sold a suitcase or two, yet after a time asked me curious one evening, “who is that old lady comes for tea every morning?, is she related to you?

”  Every week day at 10:00 am, the cow bell high above the shop door clats, in she limps with her cane to the back room, puts the kettle on full even if it is hot, uses the expensive tea bags, always makes a fresh pot”. The random elder never speaks, but scrutinizes me as she drinks from the saucer, never steals the sugar or cream, she drinks it black, I thought she was your mother as she limps in every day, rinses her saucer, uses the loo, then with clump of cane gets on her way..

I assured her I was certain that the silent, random elder was not “Three Mile Lil”, my long lost mother.” She shook a finger at me once, reported our young clerk, when she caught me reading, instead of doing paper work”

“Hide the tea bags tomorrow,   I will lurk, for I have never had a random elder person, wander in for a cuppa when I work”. Twas only our young clerk saw our random elder person, never I or Garnet, my long suffering husband. I lurked waiting for the cowbell, and cane, but never did our tea granny show up…seems as though she swiped the toilet paper rolls, but always nicely rinsed her saucer and cup…

Here is the unusual fragment of wisdom Beatrice found-

THE THOUGHT LOST WISDOM OF GODFREY STATES- “Every shop ought have a Random Elder Person, to wander in freely, to inspire the bored and tired. To break works monotony, with a touch of mystery.  

Still, it is no excuse to pinch toilet rolls, and if you choose to, know that one day, in your deepest need, some one may have pinched the roll from you.      From Godfrey..

6 thoughts on “RANDOM ELDER PERSON- A thought lost Wisdom of Godfrey

    • Thanks John, nobody at my work thought to introduce our new receiver to the bosses 83 year old doddery mother, for a month she thought an old lady wandered by her desk complaining about everything every Thursday…we kept it a good mystery..

  1. I do love the wisdoms, Sheila, but in this post I was more taken with the idea of being a wandering, random elder. It sounds like a worthy enterprise, and if I became one, it would certainly set this small town abuzz. Maybe I’ll celebrate my 80th birthday that way, if Joel doesn’t mind. But I don’t think I’ll steal toilet rolls.

      • Sometimes when I’m walking and too far away to make it to my bathroom at home, I use public facilities: the porta-potty in the park, the library, MacDonalds. NAPA auto parts. Maybe people already view me as a wandering, rambling elder.

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